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She Can STEM encourages all girls, non-binary youth, and trans youth to stay interested in STEM by showcasing how messy, experimental and hands-on STEM can be, and how daring to STEM can change the world.
By sharing stories of role models, we inspire everyone to see themselves in STEM and prepare for their own STEM journeys.

Inclusion Statement
She Can STEM is all about being bold, messy and daring. And we know that part of being bold is being yourself. She Can STEM welcomes all girls, non-binary youth, and trans youth to explore and celebrate science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM is an imperfect journey filled with rewards for everyone who dives in, brains and hearts first.


Our partners make our work possible. Thanks to them, we can make a difference in girls’ lives and the future of our world.

Partner Resources

Ready to take the next step in your STEM journey? Explore resources from our partners to help you get started. Whether you’re looking for an online class or an in-person workshop, we’ve got something for you.

Stay Connected

Check out our social channels for your daily dose of STEM inspiration. Find us @SheCanSTEM

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