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Dare to STEM

STEM gets a tough rep for being cold, calculated and reserved for those who have a ‘knack for it’. But we disagree.

STEM is fun, messy and for everyone. You just have to dive in, brains and hearts first.

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Dare to explore the galaxy, the depths of the Earth, And the bowels of the digestive system. AND FOR THE LOVE OF STEM, dare bigger! (Or smaller, if microbiology is your thing).

Dare to code. Dare to invent. Dare to take Algebra II. Dare to try. Dare to fail. Dare to succeed. Dare to STEM.

Dare to STEM

Have you checked out our Dare To STEM content on Instagram yet? Keep daring all year long with the inspiring girls and women we’ve teamed up with to bring you awesome STEM experiments and interviews.
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