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Earyn is a herpetologist, which means she studies reptiles and amphibians. She also created a social media game called #FindThatLizard. As a science communicator, Earyn is devoted to increasing diversity and inclusion in STEM.

Age 5

When Earyn was a kid, her parents would take her all over the U.S. to visit different zoos, aquariums, and science centers. Her parents nurtured her love of STEM from a young age.

Age 18

At her undergraduate institution, Howard University, Earyn was accepted into the Environmental Biology Scholars program. This program provided financial support for her to participate in field research. Her first summer in the field is where she found her passion for herpetology and being in the field.

Age 24

Earyn created the popular social media game called #FindThatLizard. Every week, she posts a photo of a lizard camouflaged in its natural environment and participants have to find it. The captions with each photo often include facts about the different lizards. Earyn also uses her platform to talk about conservation and social issues.

Age 26

As a graduate student, Earyn studied the impact of climate change on lizards and explored ways to get more Black women into natural resources careers. She was a graduate student mentor in the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars program, which is focused on increasing diversity within the conservation field.


Earyn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Howard University, as well as a Master of Science and PhD in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Wildlife Conservation and Management from the University of Arizona.

Earyn continues to advocate for diversity and inclusion in STEM. “There still aren’t a whole lot of people who look like me in my field. It’s important for me to be a role model and a mentor because I don’t want other girls who come after me to have those feelings. I want them to feel like they belong.”

She is an aspiring natural history TV show host, and we can’t wait to continue following her as she pursues her dreams!

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