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No matter what you want to do with STEM, resources from our partners can help you get started. Whether you’re looking for an online class or an in-person workshop, we’ve got something for you.

Learn on Your Own

  1. Discover a vision of the future from IBM's most prolific female inventor

  2. For kids of all ages, there is always something new to learn about science and technology

  3. Explore ways to prepare for leadership, success, and adventures in STEM with Girl Scouts

  4. Start building your data science and cognitive computing skills today

  5. Prepare for your STEM journey with this video series offering college readiness tips

  6. Explore this five-part video series on the skills of an effective leader

  7. SWENext is a way to become part of the SWE community as a student through the age of 18. Adults can stay connected to SWENext by signing up for our Adult Advocate or SWENext Educator Newsletter. Learn more about SWENext membership benefits and how to start a SWENext club.

  8. Get inspired by remarkable STEM role models

  9. Discover online resources in each STEM subject, plus a list of 150 courses, websites, activities, and competitions arranged by grade level

Learn Together

  1. Learn more about coding summer camps for girls ages 13-18 and find a community of young women in STEM.

  2. Find tech workshops and camps nationwide for K-12 Girls. Camps are instructed by high school and college women in order to create a fun, near-peer environment.

  3. Furthering the mission of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the SWENext High School Leadership Academy (SHLA) provides high-school students with year-round programming to bring awareness and inspire students to pursue engineering and technology careers. Training and development are provided in five essential tracks: College preparation, STEM pathways, Leadership, Self-development and Inclusion and cultural awareness.

  4. Register for a three-week intensive learning experience including courses in augmented and virtual reality, coding, 3D design, entrepreneurship and design thinking principle.

  5. SWENext DesignLab is an engineering engagement program for middle schoolers, high schoolers, parents and educators which will be held at three WE Local conferences in 2020. This full-day event will include educational sessions for students, parents and educators, and the SWENext DesignLab Community Engagement Challenge for students engaged in STEM.

Find Your Path

  1. Access more than a dozen videos, featuring relatable Latinas in tech who can inspire young Latinas to discover (or foster) their computing-related passions by offering a candid look into their vibrant lives and their paths towards success.

  2. Discover how computing interests and talents line up with different undergraduate courses of study and the careers that follow.

  3. Empower women to succeed at every stage of their career with live and on-demand professional development opportunities.

  4. Ready to find your dream job? Explore SWE's premier electronic recruitment resource for leading companies.

  5. Learn about 125 female STEM innovators who are working to change the world everyday.

  6. For young women and non-binary students in HS and College looking for mentorship from professionals in tech.

For educators

  1. Find free downloadable STEM-inspired posters and wallpapers for your phone and desktop

  2. COSI Connects launches audiences of all ages into a universe of science through online videos, activities, and a free mobile app that enables science exploration even when offline. COSI Connects is helping bridge the digital divide, promote digital literacy, and address critical science education needs.

  3. Encourage the girls in your life to stick with STEM using these tips

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