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Online Learning

Explore all the different ways to learn more about STEM.


Google Arts & Culture: Women in STEM

Explore the history of women in STEM

Girls Inc.

10 Things You Can Do to Encourage a Girl in STEM

NYAS: STEM U: College Readiness

Video series offering college readiness tips

NYAS: STEM U: Leadership

Five-part video series on the skills of an effective leader

IBM: Meet ShuDon Brown

Explore the story of a P-TECH grad & runner who codes

[email protected]

A vision of the future from IBM’s most prolific female inventor

Girl Scouts and STEM

Prepares girls for leadership, success, and adventures in STEM.

Department of Energy and STEM

For kids of all ages, there is always something new to learn about science and technology

Verizon Innovative Learning: Superhero kids of STEM: Meet Ritha Burgos

A coder who loves dance finds a way to merge her passions

Verizon Innovative Learning: Superhero kids of STEM: Meet Maya Penn

A young fashion entrepreneur and author shares how she inspires

Verizon Innovative Learning: Superhero kids of STEM: Meet Lily Born

Meet an inspiring young inventor

Verizon Innovative Learning: Superhero kids of STEM: Meet Ann Makosinski

Part of the next generation of energy innovators

Verizon Innovative Learning: Advocate for Change: Danielle N. Lee

A scientist, mentor and advocate supporting kids in STEM

The Ella Project

Graphic novel series & mentorship network fostering young girls’ interest in STEM


Google: CS First

With programming & coding, students can create fun projects

Microsoft: Hour of Code

One-hour coding tutorial designed for all ages

Google: Learn with Google AI

Find info and exercises to help you develop your skills

IBM: Data Science & Cognitive Computing Class

Build data science and cognitive computing skills today

IBM: Student Developer Community

Get free, hands-on, practical learning for how to get things done with IoT

Verizon Innovative Learning

Free interactive lab for girls to explore new skills like coding.


SWE Next

Become part of the Society of Women Engineers

SWE: Advanced Learning Center 2.0

Empowers women to succeed at every stage of personal development

#MakeWhatsNext Patent Program

Patent support and mentorship for female inventors


Microsoft: Kodu Game Lab

Create games on the PC and Xbox through simple programming

Microsoft: Minecraft Hour of Code

Get introduced to coding in a fun, easy, interactive way


IBM: Teacher Advisor with Watson

A free, instructional one-stop shop for math teachers


Public schools that offer students a new approach to learning

Microsoft: Hacking STEM

Hands-on STEM-based activities and lesson plans

Department of Energy: STEM Resources

Resources for Educators grades K-12