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Meet the women and girls of STEM. They build robots, find new sources of energy, study animals, play with slime, and invent apps. They help make the world a better (and cooler) place to be. Each story will give you a sneak peek into how they got their start in STEM and help you begin your journey too!

Stories Listing

  1. Tiera

    Tiera builds rockets for a living. One of those rockets might fly you to Mars someday.
  2. Chelsea

    Chelsea is a software engineer. She helps get important information to financial institutions around the world.
  3. Bonnie

    Bonnie leads a video game studio. She and her team use math and coding to build new worlds in the Halo universe.
  4. Lisa

    Lisa is an engineer and an inventor. She’s imagined hundreds of products and technologies (she holds 500 patents!) and also writes books for children.
  5. Lucianne

    Lucianne studies stars at work. They also explore whether alien life forms exist on other planets.
  6. Danielle

    Danielle uses natural resources like the wind and sun to make electricity.
  7. Victoria

    Victoria is a climate researcher. She’s trying to educate people about the changing Earth.
  8. Roselin

    Roselin is a chemist at a cosmetics company. She helps create new makeup products.
  9. Ritu

    Ritu is a biomedical engineer. She builds robots that solve big problems.
  10. Saritta

    Saritta is an entrepreneur. She built her own company that uses blockchain to help people when their flights get delayed.
  11. Sarah

    Sarah is an Air Force pilot who is stationed in the historic 509th Bomb Wing.

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