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Danielle Merfeld is in charge of figuring out new ways to turn natural resources, like wind, sun, and water into electricity. Think wind turbines or solar panels that help power our communities. Danielle loves to work on projects that help make our lives better.

Age 16

Danielle interned at a laser laboratory in high school. She loved learning about all of the amazing things that lasers can do (like burn a hole through a lab book!). She learned a lot and it gave her confidence that even if something was completely new it didn’t have to be scary.

Age 18

In college, Danielle looked for a job in a laboratory. She wanted to see what it was really like to have a career in research. After talking to students and learning about what they were working on, she realized that she could have a career in technology, too.

Age 25

Danielle was hired as an engineer for GE as soon as she finished graduate school. She quickly became a team leader because she is really good at asking questions when she doesn’t know the answer. Danielle is also good at imagining what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes, two important skills for success.


Danielle wants to help girls build their technical skills because not only is it fun, but using your knowledge to build something that can help others is the best feeling in the world.

Feeling inspired?

Let’s get you started on your own STEM adventure.

Below are just a few resources to build your skills and explore how you can get involved in science, technology, engineering, and math.

  1. Explore the world of STEM through this program filled with cool interactive experiences

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