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Lisa Seacat DeLuca is an inventor at IBM. She has hundreds of inventions that use technology to help make the world work smarter. Lisa loves inventing because it is a creative process which lets her use her imagination to dream up what our future might look like.

Age 8

Lisa grew up in Montana and spent a lot of time playing computer and video games. She really loved storytelling and figuring out ways to use her creativity to solve problems.

Age 17

In high school, Lisa realized she could apply her problem solving skills to computer programming. She got her first taste of computer programming in a class senior year, after she had already gotten into Carnegie Mellon University to pursue a degree in computer science.

Age 22

When Lisa graduated from college, she knew she wanted to continue learning about computer science. Lisa got a job at IBM after college where she got to work on cloud computing, mobile apps, open source, and the internet of things (IoT).

Age 36

During her years at IBM, Lisa has created hundreds of inventions (600+ and counting!), including a system that can tell you if a coffee cup in your car is empty and give you directions to the nearest coffee shop. She worked on a program that would let people speak what they want to search for into a search field to gather additional context for better search results.


Lisa wants to encourage girls to explore with STEM, to stretch their imaginations and dream up concepts like a 3-D printer that can make an umbrella or a toilet paper roll that automatically reorders more when empty.

Feeling inspired?

Let’s get you started on your own STEM adventure.

Below are just a few resources to build your skills and explore how you can get involved in science, technology, engineering, and math.

  1. Start building your data science and cognitive computing skills today.

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