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Lucianne studies stars at work. They also explore whether alien life forms exist on other planets.

Age 18

In college, Lucianne majored in physics and astronomy. They had the opportunity to explore their passion for astronomy by working on the Hubble Space Telescope’s new camera.

Age 23

Lucianne went to graduate school, and studied stars with a special telescope called the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Lucianne worked so hard, astronomers named an asteroid the telescope found '205599 Walkowicz' in their honor.

Age 30

Lucianne joined the science team for the Kepler Mission, a space telescope that found more than 2,600 planets! Some of those planets might even be like Earth.

Age 36

Lucianne was invited to give a TED Talk, a pretty important speech. They talked about how hot Earth is getting, which is causing glaciers to melt rapidly. To illustrate their point, they wore a dress they made theirself and the fabric had a picture of melting glaciers in Greenland on it.


Lucianne is an astronomer at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. At work, they use telescopes and other technology to look for signs of life on other planets. They’re always looking for other scientists to join them on their quest!

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