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Ritu Raman is a biomedical engineer. She creates bio-bots, robots that she hopes will one day be able to help us figure out how to make us better when we feel sick. Ritu wants her robots to be able to do things that humans can, like walk around or exercise to get stronger.

Age 7

When Ritu was a kid, her mom, dad and grandfather were are all engineers and she thought it was really cool to watch them solve problems through engineering. As a kid, her grandfather taught Ritu about how machines work by doing things like taking apart a clock and asking her to help him fix it. Because of her parents' work, Ritu got to grow up all over the world, in places like India, Kenya, and the U.S.

Age 16

Ritu was interested in medicine. In college, she took a class where they talked about biomedical engineering, the first time she had heard that term. She decided to focus on this type of science because she could work on projects that would help sick people feel better.

Age 20

After college, Ritu started her PhD, where she got to start doing her own independent research in bio-bots, or robots that she hopes will one day be able to help humans when we are sick.

Age 28

Ritu has lots of hobbies outside of her job, because she thinks it’s important to be creative outside of science in order to be creative in science. She loves to write, go running, and she recently bought an ice cream maker and has been trying to make different kinds of dairy-full and dairy-free treats—using her science skills, of course.


Ritu wants girls to know that there are so many possibilities for careers in science. She tried a bunch of different specialties before she found something she was really interested in, and wants girls to explore, too.

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