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Roselin Rosario is a chemist at L’Oreal USA. She gets to use her science skills to create beauty products like makeup, moisturizers and face wash that helps us keep our skin healthy and clean.

Age 7

When Roselin was a kid, she had a set of encyclopedias that she loved to look at—especially the chapters on chemistry. She didn’t know what chemistry was until she took it in high school, but reading about molecules and atoms and elements was fascinating to her. She couldn’t wait to learn more.

Age 18

Roselin always thought she would be a teacher or a dentist, because those were the only science-focused careers she knew about. But, in college, she got to work in a lab conducting experiments and research and she loved it. That’s when she knew she wanted to be a scientist.

Age 24

In grad school, one of Roselin’s mentors told her that cosmetics companies need scientists too. Using her science skills to create makeup sounded like a really fun job. It’s exciting to walk into a store and see people using the products that she helped make. It’s also rewarding for Roselin when one of those products makes someone’s life better.


Roselin wants girls to know that science is everywhere. She gets to play with makeup all day, but she’s also using her chemistry and lab skills, which wouldn’t be possible without STEM.

Feeling Inspired?

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