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Sarah is an Air Force pilot who is stationed in the historic 509th Bomb Wing.

Age 11

Sarah grew up near Cleveland, OH. From an early age, she loved learning about Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart and their drive to achieve what hadn’t been done before in the field of aeronautics. Sarah’s parents took her to see the B-2 bomber do an exhibition flight, and she was mesmerized!

Age 16

In high school, Sarah ran track and cross country. These sports taught Sarah to always push herself to do better, and she began to work harder in school as well. She even started taking college-level courses at her local community college to get ahead on university credits. As a driven student-athlete, Sarah received a STEM scholarship that brought her to the University of Dayton with the goal of becoming a doctor.

Age 18

In college, Sarah joined the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). She knew she was passionate about flying and switched her focus from becoming a doctor to becoming a pilot.

Age 21

Sarah joined the U.S. Air Force and used her STEM skills to fly an aerial refueling aircraft for three years. From these missions, she logged enough hours to apply for a selective program to fly the B-2 stealth aircraft. She was accepted into the program and for over a year, she was the only active duty woman B-2 pilot.


Sarah is now stationed in Missouri and assigned to the historic 509th Bomb Wing. Every pilot is given a unique “call sign” to identify themselves while communicating in the air. Captain Kociuba’s call sign is ‘Gucci’ for her flying and personal style.

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