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Saritta is an entrepreneur who started her own company called TrustaBit. Her company uses blockchain technology to help people when their flights get delayed.

Age 8

Saritta grew up in Detroit. One day, her mom brought home a computer and Saritta accidentally broke it. Instead of getting mad, Saritta’s mom told her, “It’s ok. Just fix it!” It took her two summers to fix the computer, but this experience introduced Saritta to technology and she’s been fascinated ever since.

Age 18

In high school, Saritta was a star basketball player and she followed her passion for the game to college, where she studied Hotel Management. Eventually, she realized that she wasn’t inspired by this course of study, so she left college to join the U.S. Navy.

Age 22

In the Navy, Saritta worked as a Cryptologic Technician, which means she got to make and break secret codes! After her time in the Navy, Saritta completed her college degree in Computer Information Systems, and started her career working in technology.

Age 38

Saritta loved working with data and technology and realized that she wanted to start her own business. Inspired by the book “Blockchain Revolution,” Saritta founded her own company, TrustaBit, which uses blockchain to help airline travelers who experience flight delays.


Saritta wants to inspire girls, including her own children, to see themselves in STEM. She strives to be a role model that introduces young women to STEM, all while continuing to grow her own company

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