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Tiera Fletcher is an engineer. Her job is to design rockets that explore outer space. Tiera focuses on the top of the rocket, which helps it go up into space. One day, these rockets might take people to Mars!

Age 6

Tiera grew up near Atlanta, Georgia and discovered her love for math when she was 6. Her parents encouraged her interests by giving her tasks like clipping coupons or totaling grocery receipts. As a girl, she wanted to be a scientist, architect, inventor and mathematician.

Age 11

While attending a STEM program at her elementary school, Tiera learned about aerospace engineering and decided to become an aerospace engineer. She combined all of her interests to discover her future career.

Age 17

When Tiera was a senior in high school, she completed an internship where she learned how to help rockets land safely. She loved her internship so much that she decided she wanted to study aerospace engineering in college.

Age 22

Tiera’s favorite college class in college was Unified Engineering because she learned about the fundamentals of aerospace engineering for structures, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and systems. In college, she also got to work on building an actual rocket that would go up into space.


Tiera works as a Structural Engineer at Boeing. This means she is in charge of the parts of the rocket. The goal of this rocket is to one day transport people to Mars

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