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Victoria is a climate researcher and the managing director of The Arctic Institute. It’s her job to protect communities from climate changes like rising sea levels and forest fires. She works with local leaders and other activists to figure out ways to keep our planet safe.

Age 12

Victoria grew up in New Jersey and often played in wetlands across the street from her house. When developers wanted to turn the land into houses, she and her friends read up on how they could save the wetlands. They even went to town hall meetings. From this, she learned that knowledge is power.

Age 16

In high school, Victoria got a D in math and she thought that was the end of a career in science. But in college, she saw how many women worked in all different fields of science and when she learned about climate change, she realized that everyone can play a part in helping to save our planet.

Age 19

Victoria joined a club called Engineers Without Borders, which took her to Honduras to find ways to help the people who live there gain access to clean drinking water. This experience helped her get a job working on climate solutions in big cities, which led to the job she has today.

Age 22

After college, Victoria worked as an Energy and Climate Junior Fellow at The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where she met her role model and first woman mentor, Shin-pei Tsay. Working with her mentor taught Victoria that the best work happens when you start to think outside the box.


Victoria wants girls to be a part of the climate conversation, because they can help find solutions for preserving our natural resources. As a climate scientist, she gets to have really awesome experiences around the country and meet lots of smart, interesting people, too.

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