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Tiffany is a sports data scientist, public speaker, and founder & CEO of Curastory. She uses her passion for data science to encourage youth and women to get involved in STEM and sports.

age 17

When she was growing up, Tiffany bonded with her family through sports. While working for the New Orleans Hornets during her senior year in high school, Tiffany noticed the lack of women involved in the data science field. That’s when her dream of becoming a sports data scientist was born.

age 19

Tiffany attended an all-girls college preparatory school in Baton Rouge before moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to study Sport & Recreation Management, Statistics, and Computer Science at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). She was a natural leader and created the first sports organization open to undergraduate students at NSU.

age 21

Tiffany joined ESPN Stats & Information Group as a Sports Analytics Associate, where she created ESPN’s College Football Fan Happiness Index. She was the first woman of color on the sports analytics team at ESPN and became an advocate for harmonizing creativity, human traits, and data science. She also served as an analytics contributor for The Undefeated, a platform exploring the intersection of race, sports, and culture.

age 25

Tiffany became the founder & CEO of Curastory, which is a platform that allows athletes and entertainers to create, monetize, and distribute their own stories. The purpose of the platform is to empower creators to be their own media networks and ensure that they own and profit from their material.


Tiffany continues to lead Curastory and inspires youth and women in STEM to use their gifts to change sports for a better future. She seeks to further this calling by providing sports analytics educational programs and mentoring middle school girls in STEM so they can then be the change.

“My one, sole purpose on this planet is to inspire anyone and everyone to share their individual stories with the world, to have ownership over those stories, and to empower them to do so with my technological skill set.”

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