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Yamilée Toussaint Beach is a dance technologist. As the Founder & CEO of STEM From Dance, she gives girls of color access to STEM education by using dance to empower, educate, and encourage. She helps girls create dance performances that use technology to make costumes that light up, props that are sensitive to motion, and projections that interact with the dancer’s motions.

Age 4

Yamilée grew up in Long Island, NY, and started dancing as a young girl. Her father is a mechanical engineer, and as she was growing up, she learned about circuits and how electricity worked. She was fascinated.

Age 18

Yamilée attended MIT and was one of two Black women in mechanical engineering at the time. She became interested in figuring out why she didn’t see many people like her in STEM.

Age 21

After graduating from MIT, Yamilée taught high school algebra in New York. This experience opened her eyes to the opportunities that her students didn’t have access to, and she set out to provide students with something greater than what the school system could offer.

Age 25

Yamilée founded STEM From Dance with the goal of encouraging under-represented minority high school girls across the nation to pursue a STEM education.


Yamilée continues to lead STEM From Dance and inspires girls of color to use STEM as their toolbox. “We need more girls who are diverse and more girls of color to be in rooms where we are creating the next innovation…with the abilities that STEM gives you, you can make anything.”

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